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Dividend Policy

When the Company's Earnings before Income Tax (EBIT) of the year is positive, in addition to the corporate income tax obligations, it should also make up the annual losses from previous years and then set 10% aside for statutory reserve. When requested by statutory authority for an appropriation or reversal of special surplus reserve and when the Company still has remaining profit after the appropriation or reversal of special surplus reserve, the remaining profit can be allotted for distributable surplus together with the distributable surplus accumulated from the previous year. With the exception of further reserve on partial distributable surplus for business operation requirements, the Board of Directors may draw up distribution proposal and submit to shareholders' meeting to decide on the final distributable surplus allocation proportions: ( A ) Compensation to Directors and Supervisors: 3% ( B ) Employee Bonus: 3% and above ( C ) The remaining are shareholder dividends. External employees from the Company's investing subsidiaries (or employees from subordinate companies who meet certain conditions) are entitled to the above-mentioned distribution of employee bonus. The conditions and methods of which shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

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    Cash Dividend NT $ 3.6